International Conference 2018
    the loving professional
    October 1, 2 & 3, Breukelen, The Netherlands



    It is important for all people to feel connected to others. A very strong connection is needed with people who play an important role in daily life, such as parents, partners, other close family and very good friends. For people who depend on professionals for their daily well-being, it is important that they experience a close bond with them as well.

    The loving professional

    Engagement can only arise if the caregiver not only acts as the expert professional, but as a committed loving professional who wants to enter into a close relationship with the person who receives help and support. The loving professional does not approach the other person as a patient or client where the disorder or disability is central, but as a fellow person they enter into an unconditional relationship with, where that other person can be him/herself and show his or her own qualities free of judgement.


    Since 1999, an international conference has been organized annually to discuss and explore the possibilities and applications of Gentle Teaching. Gentle Teaching is an approach originally developed for supporting people with intellectual disabilities and difficult to supervise behaviors through the development of relationships. Instead of controlling and trying to change the behavior of people, at Gentle Teaching the development of an unconditional safe and loving relationship is central. This relationship must be so powerful that it will be possible to provide the person with the support and safety he needs. This to minimize or prevent behavioral escalations in a loving way.

    Gentle Teaching was developed in the US in the 1980s. Over the years, Gentle Teaching has developed and deepened in content and spread throughout the world in its use. Gentle Teaching is seen as a way of guiding, or caring for people who feel insufficiently supported in dealing with their emotions, and for whom it is difficult to feel unconditionally safe and loved in contact with others. Gentle Teaching’s philosophy of care can also be used in the education of children and adults with or without intellectual disabilities or special vulnerabilities.


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