International Conference 2018
    the loving professional
    October 1, 2 & 3, Breukelen, The Netherlands



    For all people it’s important to feel engaged with others. A strong and unconditional engagement is needed with persons who are very important in daily life, like parents, partners and other next of kin, and very good friends. For people who need professional caregivers or social-workers for their daily wellbeing, it’s important to feel engaged with them too.

    The loving professional

    Engagement can only arise if the professional doesn’t only show himself as an expert, but as one who wants to enter into  a warm and personal relationship with the persons he/she supports. The loving professional doesn’t see the person as a patient or client with a focus on the handicap or disease, but as a full human being he wants to engage with, and with his/her own qualities and potentials.


    Since 1999 a yearly International Gentle Teaching Conference is organized to share experiences and insights. Originally Gentle Teaching is an approach to support persons with an Intellectual Disability and behaviors that are very hard to guide. Instead of trying to control and change these behaviors with domineering strategies, the focus of Gentle Teaching is on creating an unconditional safe and loving relationship. This relationship should be so strong and stable, that is becomes possible to support the person even at the most stressful moments. This is our loving way of preventing escalating behaviors.

    Gentle Teaching was developed in the eighties of the past century in the US. Over the years Gentle Teaching was introduced in many countries in all continents. Also the concept of Gentle Teaching developed. Nowadays Gentle Teaching is seen as a strategy to serve all kind of people who feel marginalized, who don’t get the support they need at stressful moments, and for whom it’s hard to feel unconditional safe and loved in contact with others. Gentle Teaching can also be applied in educating children with or without special needs in their families and at school.


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